Export Form Contents - bunched into one column

Hi CommCare friends,

I am trying to create something like a codebook for a form (is there a codebook feature yet???) and saw that one way to try and accomplish this is using the Export Form Contents feature.

When I paste contents into Excel, the guidance mentions that each filed (Question, Type, Text, etc) should separate into distinct columns automatically, however I am getting everyone in a single column for the first row (and almost all the other rows are also crammed into the first column).

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong / what isn't working?


Re-posting in case someone is able to help. Thanks!

What version of excel do you happen to be using? Just tried it with my local version and the form contents copied out split into rows and columns.

One quick suggestion: It only works for me if I have a cell in Excel "selected" but not "focused" for text input. If I double click and paste, I get everything in one cell (like you mentioned), but if I single click then paste it comes out right.

Hi Clayton,

Thanks so much for the reply and guidance.

I just tried again on a different computer (PC this time, Version 2105) and it worked just fine.

I was originally trying on a Mac, version 16.471.1 and was having that challenge. Not sure if that is the case for others, but thanks for the heads-up and assistance!