"Export case data" versus "Create case report"

Hi Everyone,

I seem to be having a challenge with making meaning of my data.

I want to generate a report/export some meaningful data on the cases that I have.
I therefore started by going to reports and then selected case list, and the platform tells me that I have 862 cases after applying the filters that I am interested in. (see shot below):


I also exported case data just to make sure everything is alright and then the Excel sheet I generated also has 862 cases.

So I usually generate reports, using the “Create new report” function because they give me data in a format that I can easily understand and can also easily share. However, after applying the same filters in terms of the specific case owners, the report I generate has 406 cases instead of 862!


I wonder what I am doing wrong. I appreciate all your help and support as usual.



to run the, so i

Hi Harrison,

Good to hear from you. Hope you are well.

Can you provide me the link to your Report Builder report, please?


Hi Dev,

Many thanks for getting in touch. The link is pasted below: