Export Case Data unable to remove old case properties?

Is there anyway to remove old case properties that are no longer on any forms from the case export. For example see in the pics below all the case properties that are prefixed with "FCP_" are no longer in the app, yet I cant seem to find a way to remove them from showing up at all in the export as we no longer want to have them visible here.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I think, a new case type.

Those columns exist in the case database now. you're stuck with them :slight_smile:

Hi Calvin,

Unfortunately I think Mazz is right that there may not be an obvious way to accomplish this outright. Some combination of archiving forms or removing old app builds might in theory be able to remove properties, but there's no clear practical way to change the properties "anticipated" in these models today.

I've opened a an issue on CommCare HQ's Github Project page to raise this as a potential feature scope for the Open Source team. If you want to be apprised if anyone picks up and runs with this idea, you can subscribe to the issue to get notifications.

Thanks so much for your responses guys, that was at least an answer so that I could stop digging. Very much appreciated and apologies for the late response on my part.