Error while trying to Navigate to a question

Our Linked app is throwing the following error when trying to navigate to a specific question. The question has an image and the image exists in the multimedia both on the local and cloud.

Hi, @andyasne.

As a start, can you confirm the following, please?

  1. On HQ, navigate to Applications
  2. Select the appropriate application.
  3. Go to Application settings (the cog wheel next to the name of the app in the side bar)
  4. Select multimedia
  5. Click on "View, upload, and download your application's multimedia" (this will take you to the "Multimedia Reference Checker" page)
  6. Click on the image that is broken in the screenshot above.
  7. Verify that it opens in a new window and you can see the image loaded correctly.

Thanks @CharlSmit for the reply. I do check the existence of these images both on the cloud and linked app.
when I search for an image on the form where I thought the cause of the problem , on the cloud I found this

and was able to open it on another tab by clicking the image

But on the linked I found the image

But When I click the image , it is showing me this txt ( base 64 of the image)

Hi @andyasne

I took a look at the files, and the content is identical. e.g.

$ md5sum Cloud/family_food-hcym2x.jpg Linked/family_food-hcym2x.txt
1f708841953d5194d781fd3cae47194e  Cloud/family_food-hcym2x.jpg
1f708841953d5194d781fd3cae47194e  Linked/family_food-hcym2x.txt

It looks like the problem is caused by the file extension being changed, and maybe the content type too.

I have set up remote linked project spaces on my own environment, but I have not been able to reproduce the problem yet.

The thing that I find confusing is that the filename is stored in the form definition in the CommCare app. So it must be the same in both the upstream app and the downstream app. I can't see how the file extension can be different in the two environments if the app is the same, and the app version is the same.

So I have a couple of follow-up questions:

  1. The multimedia of a form question can have multiple versions of an image. It might be possible that the question in the app has multiple versions of the image, and a version whose extension is ".txt" (and maybe content type "text"?) is the version that you are using downstream, but the upstream version has the correct image. Could that be what is happening here?

  2. Does this problem happen consistently for these images in the downstream app? Or does it only happen erratically for these images? i.e. When you update the downstream app, do these specific images always break? Or do they only break sometimes, and sometimes they work?