Error while saving a case management on all forms

we are facing the following error on the cloud while trying to save a case management

'There was an error saving'

Hi Andinet

Thanks for reporting the issue. Could I ask that you create a Bug Report so that we can track the issue and keep you informed of the resolution.


Thanks for the response. I will create a bug Report.

This is the reference numb for the bug report : SUPPORT-12733

Thanks Andinet

Just reporting back here for completeness, the issue is now resolved.

Hi @Simon_Kelly ,
unfortunately we are facing the same problem on some pages.
but If I remove the created "Load / Update / Close Cases" and reenter the same data it works.

OK, I'll take a look.

This doesn't look like the same issue. I think I see the problem but I'm having trouble reproducing it.

Please can you respond on the support ticket with the steps you're taking to reproduce the issue.

I will do that, Thanks

Hi @Simon_Kelly , I did respond this issue on a support ticket but nothing is changed since the beginning of last week. I stop development waiting for the fix. Here is the video recording of the error that we are facing.