Error running deploy stack

When i run “commcare-cloud monolith ansible-playbook deploy_stack.yml”
Iam getting error below

“fatal: [servername]: FAILED! => {“changed”: false, “gid”: 1002, “group”: “cchq”, “mode”: “0755”, “msg”: “refusing to convert from directory to symlink for /opt/shared_monolith/blobdb”, “owner”: “cchq”, “path”: “/opt/shared_monolith/blobdb”, “size”: 12288, “state”: “directory”, “uid”: 1001}”

Any hint on how to solve this

Looks that directory /opt/shared_monolith/blobdb already exists. I don’t see anywhere that would create it. To work around this you can:

  1. rename it to something else
  2. run the playbook again
  3. copy the files from the renamed directory into the new one
  4. delete the renamed director