Error on linked app while trying to release

we faced the following error while trying to build the downstream linked app. the upstream app builds and runs fine with no missing multimedia.

Cannot make new version

  • Details: Unable to validate form

on multimedia tab I can see the following msg
Warning: This application contains forms with errors—we cannot pull any multimedia references from those forms.

My Question is where can I find the name of the form, if there is a log ? Tested the cloud app and all seems to work fine.

Hi Adinet,

from what I can see the formplayer service is not running.
you can check using this:

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Thanks for the reply @demis08 ,
will restart all command fix the problem?

you can just restart formplayer service only. cchq echis service formplayer restart

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It`s working now @demis08 , Thanks for the quick response.

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