Error migrating data from a project space to another instance

Hello DEV Team,

We have a working local instance of commcare, now we want to switch our project space in commcarehq to our local instance by following the doc

A DIMAGI team has already provided us with the 3 files to import and we are at step 4 of the documentation Migrate a Project from one instance to a new instance — CommCareHQ Deployment documentation :

  • 2023-09-07_16.05-mikolo-all_blobs.tar.gz
  • 2023-09-10_00.20-mikolo-multimedia.tar.gz

while importing SQL Dump file "" we encountered an error, I think it's a bug in the "" script

./ load_domain_data

this prevents the process from completing

Can you help us please, and also is there a way to restart from where the error is without starting the whole import again.

Thank you in advance for your help

Hello @Mirado

is there a way to restart from where the error is

There is currently no way to resume an import. So, you would need to clean up the DBs, both couchDB and SQL and try this again.

Though lets understand the error first.
Can you confirm you ran the import on the latest master code or on a specific revision?

Hello @mkangia

Thank you for your response, we completely cleared the data and made a new deployment following this doc : How To Rebuild a CommCare HQ environment — CommCareHQ Deployment documentation, before importing so I confirm that it is the latest version

Thanks for confirming that @Mirado

I suspect the error is because the data dump was created on a different HQ revision than the one you are importing it on.
Are you able to find the HQ revision the dump was created on by asking the person/team you received it from? If you do, then you should deploy HQ till that commit/revision and run the import. Please note you would need to reset the environment before you import again.

Or else

you would need to request for a new data dump along with the HQ revision it was created from and then deploy that code revision before you run the import on the environment.