Error installing Erlang (resolved)

Hi @fchiyenda and @nikotelhe

I'm continuing our conversation in a new topic, because the original topic name seems quite generic, and hopefully a more specific topic name will allow others to find this more easily.

The error that you're encountering when installing Erlang is caused by a broken third-party apt repository. Dimagi engineers have implemented a workaround to install the packages that CommCare needs, while the apt repository is broken.

Your environment's public.yml file should include the following versions for a production environment:

erlang: 1:23.0.2-2
rabbitmq_version: 3.8.5-1

Run update-code to get the new code changes.

Running deploy-stack should now install the right versions of Erlang.

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Thanks Norman,

Will make the changes and provide feedback if there's any additional errors.

Hi Norman,

Added the lines to the public.yml file and now getting the following error for couchdb2

Hi @nikotelhe

The step that's failing is where commcare-cloud adds the problemmatic Erlang apt repository. But (strangely?) I can't get this step to fail.

What happens if you remove the lines

erlang: 1:23.0.2-2
rabbitmq_version: 3.8.5-1

from your environment's public.yml file, and try deploy-stack again? Does it fail in the same place?

Hmmm. On second thoughts, I'm not sure my suggestion will be very helpful. You will need to leave the line

rabbitmq_version: 3.8.5-1

in public.yml, otherwise you won't be able to install RabbitMQ.

Sorry for the confusion.

Found the issue was a typo in the lines we had added to the public.yml file. fixed the line and deploy is running as expected.

Excellent! Thank you for the update.