Error in loading OData in Power BI

Hi everyone,

I am having a problem with OData connecting on PowerBi. I have tried several ways but could not connect to the Odata to Power bi. Can anyone help? I am simply trying to connect the data set to power bi using one of the OData feeds. Bu it says "Failed to save modifications to the server. Error returned: 'OLE DB or ODBC error: [DataSource.Error] OData: Request failed: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error. (This OData feed does not exist). '."

Can anyone reply to this error???

Hi Atish,

There are lots of possible reasons why the odata feeds fail to work. From basic ones like someone has deleted the feed in Commcare to more tricky ones, like you've made in name change in the feed on Commcare side which is tripping the powerbi query editor up. My advice would be to reset the link, so copy the link again and re-add the dataset. If something basic like that doesn't work, maybe try and refresh the dataset from inside the query editor, so that when the dataset loads it's using viable queries. I've alos found that using an on-premises gateway (ie not the personal mode one) leads to less errors like this.

It's also a good idea to empty the caches, save the powerbi file, and then refresh the datasets inside the query editor to reload the caches. Sometimes this works.