Error during server upgrade (deploy)

We have an HQ server that's on commit db966cae98fa9a1fca8d099609691a8e41f69b43 (Mar 17 2022).
I want to upgrade it to the latest prod deploy ce84507945b88eb059f9634007bdbb34e7d8515d.
I've been through the individual updates in the changelog post our last deployment and seemed to be successful with those. I've run
update-code update Commcare Cloud.
When I run the deploy using:

cchq monolith deploy --commcare-rev ce84507945b88eb059f9634007bdbb34e7d8515d aborts during the 'migrate' task with the following:

Any help troubleshooting this would be appreciated!

Hey Ed. I'd recommend to try deploying from commit 385a53aac76007ec402b3f905cdb56510b8a52be which was our last production release prior to the PR being rolled out that is giving you issues. At that point, the migrate_feature_flag_domains migration should run successfully, and then you should be able to deploy from the latest code with no issues as well.

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Thanks for the quick response Graham, that looks promising. I'll test and keep you posted.

EDIT this sorted us out, thanks again @gherceg !