Error - Contact has no phone number

Why do I keep getting Error - Contact has no phone number in my SMS conditional Alert. Even though I have a phone number question.

Any help please?

Hi Augustine,

I understand that you are attempting to send SMS to cases via the conditional alerts.
The mentioned error occurs if the conditional alert engine fails to find a valid phone number from the case. In order to make sure things work perfectly, please check below things

  • The phone number is saved in a case property named contact_phone_number.
  • The phone number is valid and consist of only digits.

You can also refer a sample tutorial available here for setting up case for sms messaging.

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Hii Ayadav,
Many thanks for the quik response. I will try your steps and revert.
However, I have a similar project space where "mothers_mobile_telephone" case property works.

Thanks Ayadav! It worked

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Hey Ajeet,

I am also facing the same issue, this method helped me to get out of it.