Encountering error immediately after entering a module

Hi everyone,

I am encountering the following error:

The problem was located in if($calculated_property = '', '', string(int((today() - date($calculated_property)) div -1.0))): converting string 1 to date

immediately when I select one of the modules in our app. This error blocked any user from completing any form in this module as there is nothing else in the screen besides this error at the top.

As this error pops up once I enter the module, I have no idea which form it results from, and I am also thinking that it might have resulted from some calculated case properties in the case list or case details. However, my co-worker and I had checked the case list and case details in the app dev platform for a number of times, and we still couldn't find a calculated case property that has the same logic as in the error. We also had not modified the logic in the case list and case details for this module for at least a number of months, so the fact that this started to pop up only a couple weeks ago is also strange, since our team had been using them normally before this error. Does anyone have some idea about how to resolve this?