Empty report, case list, submit history, worker activity, excel export

Hi everyone,
We have installed CommCareHQ on our cloud vps and everything works fine. But issue we are facing is reports are empty (Case list, Worker activity,Submit history export case data and excel export …)
We had tried to debug and we can get some logs attached to this so that we can find someone here to help us to fix it.
We also tried this thread Empty reports/no data in reports but it didn’t really help us
unnamed (1)
unnamed (2)
unnamed (3)
Thanks in advance

I see a few tracebacks in those screenshots. The last two were code errors on the system info page - a fix for that was merged about a week ago:

If you deploy that code, I’d expect that issue to be resolved.

The other issue looks like a problem with your BlobDB setup. One possibility is that the encrypted drive needs to be remounted. Have you tried running the after-reboot command as described here?

Thanks Ethan it works. Now we can get all reports