Empty my Case Data

Is it possible to make my case empty. Can i import an empty excel to make my CASE data empty. If we can do this how can we do

Can you clarify whether you're trying to remove properties from individual cases (but leave the cases present), or whether you are trying to delete the cases themselves?


Thank you for the reply. I have more than 100 thousand data in my case data. And I want to delete all those case data and make it empty. This will help me to bulk upload clean data(INSERT) in the case with my external ID as I don't want to use the case_id to update my data

How were the existing case records created?

If they were the result of a previous import, you can follow these steps to find the forms from the import(s) and archive them, which should eliminate the case data.

The record was collected normally. Adding different information in case property.

I mistakenly created the same case name for another form as well due to which, the case data have data from 2 separate forms. So, now I want to delete all the records from a present case and import cases to two different cases. One is the present one which I have been working and another one that is coming from another form.

So it sounds like you are trying to empty out / close an existing case to de-duplicate?

Unfortunately you won't really be able to completely remove cases from your workspace through a big, global action (like uploading a blank excel), the only way to fully remove cases from the space is to archive the actions that created them to "undo" them, so if there are a lot of these cases spread across many forms, that will be quite difficult.

I think what you'll want to do instead is do a full export of all the cases you want to remove, and a bulk import to close those cases and change the value of whatever you are using as their unique ID, so that you can then proceed to upload (or update) other cases based on the semantic unique ID you want to use. I believe you can "zero out" the cases at the same time by keeping the column names in the excel sheet for the properties on the cases, but deleting all of the values, which should remove them to eliminate any concerns about doubled data in the system.

Thank you so much for your reply. I will try out your idea. Hope it will work