Emojis and icons on case list and Supply stock list

I'm trying to add emoji or icons to a case list. Previously this page used to explain that you could assign an emoji character to a case property using a hidden value (if I remember correctly), and then have that displayed in the case list, but the process has now changed. (note: that help page still has an "emoji" tag :slightly_smiling_face: )

Q1) Is it still possible to use the old method of assigning emoji's to a case property?
I tried the following and got errors:

Even just adding a single emoji in the Default field gave errors

Q2) The new process doesn't seem to work correctly on Supply (stock lists) - I get folder icons instead of the expected icons. I realise that this is an Advanced module - is this supported there?
Here is what I got:

Setup was like this:

Phone is a Vodafone VF685 / V685
Android 4.4.2
CommCare v2.40.1


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Hi Andrew,

You can indeed use Emoji in text in CommCare, and as long as your target
platform (say, Android Phones) support the character display set, it will

The reason you’re experiencing the issue with Emoji is that the emoji
characters you are using aren’t surrounded by quotation marks, like you’ve
surrounded the word ‘smiley’. The characters are just plaintext (same as
english) and thus need to be surrounded with quotation marks for CommCare
to understand that they are a string literal.