Edit case/form relationships

Hi everyone!

I am working on a program with a complex case management system. I would like to know if there could be possible to reassign (edit) the case associated to a sent form (form.case.@case_id).

The reason for this is that due to the complexity of the system, the mobile workers sometimes select the incorrect case in the Case List.

I would greatly appreciate any instruction about how to solve this situation.


short answer, no.

if your users are selecting the wrong cases for the wrong interactions, use a case list filter to make sure that cases only show up where they are supposed to show up.

if they are selecting the wrong case because they were not paying attention, submit a new form to the correct case and archive the incorrect form .

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Thanks for your feedback, Mazz.

If the mobile worker selected the incorrect case from the case list, you cannot change the case in the data as a lot of the data depends on the case selected.

Selecting a wrong case from the list needs to be tackled at the mobile worker and their team level. We normally do not entertain such errors but we do add a label inside the form which shows the names of the beneficiaries and this helps them if they have selected the wrong names.

You can archive the wrong forms and add filtering inside the case list. But I would also give a warning to the mobile workers for such mistakes. Having a complex case management system and selecting a wrong name in the case list is not related.

I would also advise you to add labels inside your forms to show the names, age and other details of the beneficiaries to avoid mistakes.

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Thanks, Hussain!

Adding labels sounds like a good strategy. I will try it!