Easy question: Best SMS gateway in india (mumbai)?

Hello all --
Very simple question -- I am curious if you can recommend a solid, reasonable, recommended SMS gateway for our project to use to send SMS's to users, most of which will initially be in Mumbai, India (but to be honest, the project may expand elsewhere in India.)

Note: In fact, we won't connect this gateway to CommCare! We will connect it to a web app that we are building. But I assume that the APIs will work fine in either context.

Let me know your favorite (AND any warnings or flags you think I should know about, including eye-opening issues of prices! :slight_smile: )

Giant thanks --


Hey Eric,

I would look into Twilio for ease of setup and use (for outgoing messages
only). In India, there are a number of restrictions around timing of
messages and opting into receiving messages. See this article from Twilio
on it :


Good info! Thank you!

Note, we also found one called textlocal.in which seems quite strong, and is cheaper, and sends from inside india.

Thanks for the help!

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