Dotted lines in Exported Case Data

Hi everyone,

I have a issue in the Commcare App. When I input new data using the Commcare app the case data apperars like "dotted lines" but this data are available in the forms.

Could you help me to know how I can resolve it?

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Hello @segadu,

The dashed lines appear when there is no value for that case property. Since the case property seems to be set for at least one of the cases and not another, I see one of the following as the most likely explanations:

  • Case management has been completed, but the version of the application with the functional case management was published after the form was submitted for the cases that have a dashed for the value. You'd need to go back and update the data for the cases that do not have the desired case properties set

  • There are multiple forms that are supposed update the same case property, but (at least) one of the forms is not setting the case properties correctly. For example, if you have an update form, that update form may be clearing out the case property values inappropriately

  • If there is only one form that is updating these case properties (regst_consent, regst_age, regst_gender) then there is an issue with logic in the form leading to some scenarios where the case properties are appropriately set and others where they are not


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Thank you so much @achavez812 for your reply! :+1:

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