Does uploading existing cases trigger a case "update" operation?

I have data forwarding for cases setup in my project settings. If I use the case importer tool to upload a list of existing cases (let’s say I export my cases to Excel, make no changes to the data, and re-import them with case importer to CommCare), will this register as a case “update” operation – and therefore trigger the data forwarding? Or must I actually modify one of my values in the case data set in order for the import to “update” the records?


Uploads will trigger a case update, but downloading and uploading all of the cases in this format will also overwrite any changes to the cases that might occur in between the two operations.

I think the easiest way to trigger what you’re describing would be to download the export and remove all of the columns pother than the case id itself, to prevent overwriting any data changed in between.