Distinguishing Between Case Lists, Case Properties, and Case Details

I was wondering if someone could help me distinguish between Case Lists, Case Properties, and Case Details. Are Case Details the information that gets displayed on the screen after a user clicks on form and then clicks on a particular name/case?

I am currently working on an app building project with my teammates in a class, and case management was a portion of the project that I did not play a large role in.

In the image above, is “Patient Diagnosis” a Case Detail? If so, is there a reason why the variable name of that Case Detail is showing up rather than the display name of the actual variable? Also, is it possible to set display conditions for Case Details? For example, is it possible to have “Patient Diagnosis” not appear if a user is filling out information for a case for the first time?

Your image above is a case detail screen, “Patient Diagnosis” is the display name of a case property, and the case list is the list of cases that you clicked on to get to that screen.

In the app manager, someone configured this case detail and set that case property to be displayed as “Patient Diagnosis”. This is described in detail here. I’d suggest reading through the Basic Case Management Tutorial to learn how this all fits together.