Displaying the case owners name in a form

It’s possible to reference a case owner’s id in a form with #case/owner_id. What I really need however is the case owner’s name. How do I do this?


This isn’t something that’s currently distributed to all mobile workers in a project space, since the dataset of all Mobile Workers can be far too large for an individual device to handle, currently.

There are a few ways to manage this. The one that most people default to is adding the name of user when the case is created as its own property.

If you anticipate asynchronous changes to ownership, though, another option is to use the Locations hierarchy, which has the ability to control what locations are synced down to device. When using that approach, you can reference the name of the location which owns the case and it is kept up to date independently (So a change to the location name is updated live, rather than needing to be updated in all owned cases).