Display time from 'date and time' question in case list/case details

Is it possible to display a date and time field in the case list and/or case details pages? We capture the date and time of each client’s next appointment and save it as a case property. When it’s added to the case list or case details screens of another module, it only shows the date, without the time. This is happening with the field set to ‘plain’ format and ‘date’ format. Thanks.

Hi Jenn,

Unfortunately, handling “date and time” objects as one field is quite difficult due to timezones, daylight savings adjustments, and other tricky edge cases.

Generally I recommend capturing the two fields (date and time) in two separate case properties. If you want to then recombine then you can use a Case List Calculation to concat() them back together into the best format to display.

You can capture the “Current” (IE: What would show up on a clock on the wall) time in a form with the expression

format-date(now(), ‘%H:%M:%S’)

But please note that only works with “now()” as the input, it won’t work with a date/time that has been saved and stored.