Display Meta data as a case property

HI there, is there a possibility to get metadata (received_on, completed_time, started_time) as a case property or somehow display it in a follow up form?

Thank you.

You can create calculate expressions referencing /data/meta/timeStart and /data/meta/timeEnd to get the time the user started and finished the form. These values can then be saved to a case and referenced later. received_on isn't really accessible, however, as it isn't known when the form is filled out.

HI Ethan, thank you very much for you respond.

It is not letting me to create a hidden calculation with expressions mentioned above, Could you please write the whole expression

  • Validation Error: Problem with bind for /aDoTWNrzBKdpRUvNQegdSC/question2 contains invalid calculate expression [#data/meta/timeStart] Couldn't understand t ...

That is the whole expression, though it needs to begin with a / not a #.

However I just tried it out and it looks like it only returns a date, not a datetime. Another option for start time is to make a hidden value that is just now(). That will store the time the form is opened, but I'm not sure of a good way to get the completion time.

Note that you may want to use format-date to control how the date is turned into a string, as described here:

HI Ethan, thank you very much for you reply, however it is not working for me it says that there is a Calculation Error: Please see screenshot below.

Could you please advise what is wrong with the calculation ?

Was this form generated from an external tool, perhaps? That long ID in the error message looks unusual, I wonder if that's the root node (which is called data in forms built in CommCareHQ). You could try /aDoTWNrzBKdpRUvNQegdSC/meta/timeStart with that ID, but I'm not certain.

Regardless, I do think now() will work better than timeStart anyways, as it is a datetime, while timeStart appears to be a date.

Dear Ethan , it works, thank you very much .