Display logic of a form

Is it possible to use a multiple question to open another form? for example the multiple choice question has 3 option and each 3 options have there independed form to be filled.When i select a particular option it opens the corresponding form. Kindly help

I don’t believe that’s possible to do quite so directly, but I can think of some options.

Simplest would be to make a group of questions within your main form, which would only appear when the appropriate multiple choice question is selected.

If for some reason these really need to be separate forms, you could instead save the response to the multiple choice question to a case property (either the mobile worker’s case or the beneficiary case, whichever is appropriate), and use form display conditions to make additional forms appear only when the user selected the corresponding option.

  • Ethan

Thanks Ethan I will try and get back you in case it didn’t work