Display data in the question field for data that had been submitted before you activated that field in the data export

I created a data export a few days ago and users submitted the data to HQ, however, i found out later that some hidden calculations were not in the export, so I edited the fields (gps, case name) and updated my export. Problem is, in the excel form, the previous submissions have no data in the new fields.
Is there a way Commcare could fill these fields in with the latest version of the export?

Hi @Owen_Onyango

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Is this a form export or case export?

I'm guessing form export and will answer accordingly. If these hidden values were present and being calculated calculated in the version of the application previously being used, adding the hidden values to the form export and re-exporting with the applicable filters should provide what you desire. Hidden values are set at the time of form submission and dependent on the version of the app on the given device. I'd recommend viewing specific form submissions on the CC HQ website to determine if the applicable hidden values were collected.

If the hidden values are not present there, then they were not calculated for that form submission and will not present in data exports for that that specific form submission. The only form submissions that will show these hidden values are the ones that had the necessary application version that calculated the hidden values at the time of form submission.