Display Condition Form with specific hierachical location data field "Cohort#2"

Hello , I have an issue with display condition where I only want the Nutrition Form to be display with specific location field data "Cohort#.
+Excel File


  • I create hiden value in the from to and property case.
    instance('locations')/locations/location[@id = #form/household_member_properties/r2_village_id]/location_data/IECDphase
  • Case Property

+Display Condition :
display Condition

This overall structure looks right to me.

Have you confirmed with the Data Preview tool or the Case List Report what value is being created and set in the case after the Household case is created or edited?

I think the value Cohort#2 should be coming through without being manipulated, but it's good to confirm directly since there are a number of steps.

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Dear Clayton,
Thank you for jump in here, I am glad to be here. I am sorry i was a way on field where hard to find internet connection. This is fix , Thank you for you support.