Disable Text Formatting

In one of our applications, we rely heavily on displaying case names as values in multiple-choice and checkbox questions. Some of the case names start with a hashtag (#) making them appear as headers in the choice values when running the application. Is there a way to turn off text formatting for the choice values? I tried clicking on ‘Turn Off Text Formatting’ in the question itself (this appears when you attempt to add formatting to the question label, e.g. ***), but it had no effect on the way the choice values are displayed.


Hi Ralph,

That behavior seems unintentional to me, so I’ve left a note with our product team. When using Data Sources with multiple choice questions, the engine doesn’t have a way to flag formatting off or on, so defaulting it to ‘off’ would make more sense to avoid these issues.

In the mean time the only thing I can think of that would avoid the situation you are describing would be to use the replace() function when a case is created to replace a ‘#’ with a symbol like the unicode U+22D5 character ⋕, which would look like a ‘#’ but not trigger any semantic behavior.


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