Disable progress bar -still need help

Hello! I posted this question in the Developers forum 20d ago and haven’t received any response. I’m reposing my question on the Users forum to see if anyone has a solution to disable progress bar in CommCare version 2.41.0. I found the ODK instruction to do this, but I can’t find the option to disable progress bar per instruction in the change settings on the app. Please help. Thanks.

Hi Miao,

Can you be more specific with your query? There are several places in the CommCare application where a progress bar appears, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

Also, a note that the Developers forum is intended for questions from people who are trying to set up their own instance of CommCare HQ, so this forum is the more correct place for questions like yours.

Hi Aliza,

Thanks so much for your response! I’m trying to disable the progress bar in the form. Here is the note from wiki.commcarehq.org.

"By default, starting in CommCare 2.14, there is a blue progress bar across the screen that indicates the portion of the form that is complete. It dynamically updates based upon changes in display logic.

Starting with CommCare 2.15 you can disable the progress bar. You may want to disable the bar in forms that are very large or complex as it can cause performance issues.

To disable the progress bar open the desired form and open the Form Settings from the menu. Uncheck the box (see images above). You only need to make this change one time per form and then the progress bar setting will be the same next time you open the form.


Hi Miao,

Got it, now I understand. Unfortunately as the warning at the top of that wiki page notes, the documentation there pertains to older versions of CommCare that use an older user interface. In newer versions of CommCare, there is no longer an option to disable the in-form progress bar, because it is a more integral part of the new UI. I apologize for the confusion, but do note that everything on that page is providing somewhat outdated information.