Dificulty handling certain questions

Hi all,

How can we treat the following question regarding data type in commcare:

When did you stop using this method?
Month: _________________________ Year: ________________________ I can't remember ( )

On the paper form, as answer for the question, we must indicate the month and year or tick (I can't remember). How should we deal with this kind of question?

Looking forward to hints

This can be done by using a label to prompt the user to answer one of the questions. Details here:


hi @Ethan_Soergel,

I have opened the link and read it. I have put in the question list three types: one text field for month, one integer filed for year and one multiple select question with no text.

I want help with the display condition for the label: I can't remember will be selected if nothing is filled in the month and year fields and if month and year fields are filled, then I can't remember can not be selected.


This expression works for me:


It's a little cryptic, but what that means is that either both month and year are filled out or "no" is selected (or "I can't remember", in your case), and not both. The expressions on either side of the = are each booleans, and the display condition will evaluate to true, showing the label either if both are true or if both are false.

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very elegant approach