Detailed case and configuration list

I would like to know how to put the items on the list of cases to follow.
secondly I would like to store two record forms for a single tracking form. Like for example, I register the mom for the first form, the second form will be for registering the baby but before registering the baby once I launch the form to register the baby I would first like to have the list of all moms already register. the third form which will be the tracking form where I would like to have the full name of the mom, the full name of the baby and his age on the screen of the tracking list before starting to follow the baby.

Thank you and I am really looking forward to your help


The workflows you are describing are very standard and easy to configure in CommCare.

The best place to get started is probably our academy courses, which will cover the essentials in building an application in CommCare:

To achieve the Mother / Child workflow, you will need to use the child cases feature which you can read about on our wiki.


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