Deprecating Support for Android 4.0 devices

Hi CommCare users,

Our next upcoming Android release of CommCare 2.49.0 will deprecate future support for devices running versions of Android OS below 4.1, including all devices running Android 2.2-4.0

If you are concerned about ongoing support for your project as a result of this change, you can read about how to manage them in our online documentation, which outlines the consequences of these kinds of changes and how each can be mitigated as needed.

We take the decision to deprecate support for older hardware quite seriously. Based on our analytics, we expect this change to not affect the ongoing operation of almost all CommCare deployments, but users of forked-source versions of CommCare or who have opted out of analytics and are using extreme legacy versions of CommCare (2.3.0 or below) are recommended to upgrade to 2.48.5 on the Play Store immediately to ensure ongoing continuity of usage.