Deleting cases uploaded

I uploaded a lot of cases from an excel file I made before even starting to use commcare. After uploading the cases, as expected for the first try, a big mess did happen. Now I want to delete all those cases and reupload or at least modify them, or both.

Hi Raul,

You can find info on undo’ing an excel import action on this page from our help site.

Hope that clears things up!

This refers to forms but not cases. I have a lot of cases there with multiple repeated columns I want to get rid of all of them, in fact I could just delete all cases in my account since we are still on early practice.

All changes to cases happen via forms, so when you upload cases, it automatically creates and submits forms which create those cases. If you archive those forms, it will delete the cases as well.

The problem is that when I uploaded them, somehow they are not related to any form, so I either have to somehow reassign them to a form or find another way to delete them

Hi Raul,

All cases in CommCare are associated with a form. The document I linked outlines how to find the virtual form that the uploader creates and archive it to delete the cases it created.

So if I delete an app it will also delete all cases?

Hi Raul,

No. Cases are associated with the completed form instances which are sent to the server from an app, but they aren’t dependent on the application definition. Deleting an app definition will not affect any cases currently in the domain.

I managed to delete all that unnecessary data, however now I get a lot of necessary columns every time I download any datasets.

These column are duplicates



This also happened to me recently. It happens when one does bulk upload of new cases (notr registered in CommCare) through excel and marks the Create new records if there is no matching case.

what happens is that the cases may be associated with multiple forms rather than one form and one is completely unable to archive or delete these data completely.

since i was on practice mode, i was forced to re-define by case name again to avoid the unwanted data that was still appearing on download.

But the CommCare team can still come-up with a solution to this.