Delete all cases in a module

Hi Satoshi. The behavior you are seeing is due to the fact that CommCare
does not differentiate between cases based on the module from which they
are created, but rather based on the case type of the module from which
they are created. This means that if 2 modules have the same case type
assigned to them, their registration forms will add cases to the same set
of cases, and their case lists will pull from the same set of cases. If you
would like to start your case tracking afresh for 2017, the right thing to
do would be to* change the case type of the new module.* This can be done
from the ‘Case Management’ tab of the module, by changing the 'Case Type’


··· On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 10:43 AM, 'Satoshi Endo' via commcare-users <> wrote:


We are running an identical survey this year as we did in 2016. In order
not to re-enter all the forms all over again, I simply copied over the old
forms from 2016 into a new module for 2017. However, it seems that the
cases that were registered in the 2016 survey is also showing up in the new
module. Is there any way to delete all registered cases in the new module?



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