Delay in user creation

on our CommCareHQ installation,after creation of a mobile worker and an ivitation of Web user, it takes 1 to 15 minutes to appear on users list(Web and mobile).*
What could be causing it ?

When you say “users list”, do you mean the list on this page?

You’re seeing this for both web users and mobile workers? I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

When users are saved, they are synchronously saved to elasticsearch here. This is because a delay in this workflow would be quite disruptive. Separately, there is a user pillow which listens for DB changes and syncs these with elasticsearch.

Some delay in the latter process is plausible if your pillowtop processes are backlogged. If you are using datadog, you can get some visibility into this with the pillows dashboard:

I’d first investigate that synchronous save, however. Does your django server process show any errors when users are saved?