Default project space when opening CCHQ

Dear community,
I'm new here. Greetings to everyone. My first question in this forum is about a minor issue. (I searched for this topic, but didn't find a matching thread).
Currently we have 4 project spaces. When I open CCHQ, I'm landing on the project space I had created as the first PS for testing, but I don't use it any longer. Is there a way how I can manage which PS will be opened when I sign in? Thanks for your advice.

Hi Richard,

When hitting a non-domained url (like, or the login page) CommCare should return you to the last project space which your user account accessed, rather than the first one created.

Is it possible that you have a domained login url bookmarked ( instead of the generic login ( ?

Hi Clayton
You're absolutely right. I had bookmarked a specific project space. That was an easy solution. Thanks for the prompt support.
Best, Richard