Decimal Increment Issue

Hi Team,


Attach is screenshot of decimal question, In this question at the right side end there is one spinner(up arrow and down arrow) whenever we are clicking on up arrow it's incrementing 1.
So is there any way to give step for increment.
Ex:- If we click up arrow then number should be 0.1 on another click it should be 0.2 or based on step.


Please help me to resolve this.

Hi Zeeshan - What form player is pictured in this photo?

Hi Clayton.

I am using Enketo to render the form.

Got it. The widget itself is on the form rendering side, and to my knowledge there's no XPath configuration / settings which can signal the expected 'granularity' to the widget rendering the decimal question, so I think you'd need to follow up with the Enketo team about whether there's a mechanism there.

Ok Clayton. I will ask to Enketo team.

Thank you Clayton.