De-Identified Case Data

I am currently setting up web user permissions for my team leads. I would like for them to only be able to review certain reports and to download de-identified data. I see that there is the option to allow them access to de-identified form data but not case data. Does anyone have tips for how to get around this? With our data protection standards I cannot allow beneficiary names to be downloaded to all team lead computers. Thanks!

Hi Rose,

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a way to configure a role which can export de-identified case data directly. However, I believe you can configure a de-identified daily saved export which can be accessed by these users.

One important consideration regarding the permission “Export De-Identified Form Data” - it only applies to exports. That is, it will not de-identify data displayed in reports.

  • Ethan

Thanks, Ethan.

Hi Rose,

Thanks for this question. We plan to enable what you are trying to accomplish soon. You should expect a note from me about this next week or so. Thank you.