Date/time in Form Metadata


does anyone know how the date/time are registered in the form metadata (ie. 'Completed_time', 'started_time', and 'received_on')?!

it says here link
received_on: Time that the form was received by the server (I suppose it means UTC time)
completed_time: The time when the form was submitted (based on device time)
started_time: The time when the form was initially opened (based on device time)

I did some tests and it seems although 'completed_time' and 'started_time' are based on device time, but when exporting the data it seems they are converted to UTC time, was this always the case?

Thank you

Hi Ali,

started_time and completed_time are based on device's time. You can also confirm that by checking the raw xml and searching for these tags: <n0:timeStart>, <n0:timeEnd>.
And when exporting these values, we always convert them to UTC.

Hi Shivam
thank you for the reply and the conformation!