Date question help

Dear All,

I have a date question with question type “DATE” in my App and it is working perfectly and it is showing Day/Month and Year.

Now I want this question should show only Month and Year not the day like April 2019

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hello Khan,

I don’t believe CommCare has a question type like you’re describing. You could achieve something to the same effect using multiple questions. For instance, you could make one select question to choose a month (you’ll have to enter the options yourself), then another question to enter the year. For the year question, I’d either make it a select question with a list of reasonable options, or make it an integer question with validation to make sure it’s between say 1900 and 2050. After that, you could make a hidden value to combine these two results into a single value, for example:

concat(#form/year, “-”, #form/month, “-01”)

HI Ethan,

Commcare has question type "Date" you can see as showing below cirled with RED :slight_smile:


Ethan is right : there is no way to force the date type question from the app builder into showing only month and year.

The solution proposed inclued using other question types. The results (used in the field or many of my apps) is like this :

Both date field are lists of choices.