Date Format for date question and import needs to be in specific format DD-MM-YYYY

I want my Date of birth date question to display in DD-MM-YYYY which is different than the default. I want all new cases and any existing imported cases to display the Date of Birth in the same format. How can the expression be written to allow a new date in this format and any imported dates to be in this format. I hope this makes sense.

To import you need yyyy-mm-dd format. However, for display on your tab/web, you may use the following link
to display in your desired format


Amit’s function will let you display the date in different formats within text.

If you want to collect date information within a form in a different format, you’ll need to update the Android System Locale within android’s system settings. CommCare respects whatever date format the system deems appropriate for the current locale.


Hi Clayton,
I am so confused. I received several errors in trying to format this date. Here is a list of my errors as best as I could explain.

  1. I used this - format-date(date(/data/my_date), “%e/%n/%y”) and received an error on the web app that stated “my-date” was not a question id. I changed my-date to the question ID on my form. But another error fired that my question could not reference itself.
  2. I added the statement above to the display condition field in the form question. Is that the correct place to enter such statement.
  3. I am building in the United States in HQ - deploy version in the USA to test/unit build but the actual deployment will be done in the Dominican Republic (DR). Are you saying that I can’t display the date format differently because my locale is USA and not DR?
    Thanks for your help I truly appreciate it.

Hi Maira,

I updated the documentation on this page:

to reflect these different options. Can you let me know whether that clarifies your question?