Date format "dd-mm-yyyy" Issue

Hi Team,


In the current application, by default the date picker format is in "yyyy-mm-dd" format as shown in the below image.

We actually need a date picker format in "dd-mm-yyyy" format as shown in the below image

Please let me know if you need any clarification.
Please help me to resolve this problem.

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Zeeshan Ahmad


There is some flexibility with date formats. This article should outline how these changes can be made:
Date Display and Formatting

Hopefully, this helps!

Hi @btalbot

I followed the given steps in below screenshot but it didn't impact on the date picker format.

please suggest me an alternate way to achieve "dd-mm-yyyy" date picker format.

Please help me to achieve this.

Hi Zeeshan,

From the screenshot you sent, it didn't look like you are using the CommCare Android mobile application as your data collection tool, which is the subject of the documentation you linked.

You can use CommCare's Android Mobile app if you'd like to collect dates in those formats, accordingly. Otherwise you'll need to follow up with the author of the form engine you are using to collect data to determine if their tool supports the same.

Hi Clayton,

We are creating form by using Vellum and rendering by Enketo.
Please suggest me if you have any idea.

Zeeshan Ahmad

Hi Team,

Please help me to resolve this.


Hi Zeeshan,

Since you are using Enketo for form rendering, any changes you'll need to make to change how the form renders would need to be through the Enekto software, which is outside of the scope of this forum, unfortunately.

CommCare also supports a web browser xform player which you may want to explore. This community of practice can offer more assistance with that tool.

Ok Thank You Clayton.