Data missing in Export Report

Hi ,

I have created a “form_1” with 10 questions and got data in that form
through mobile App.

Later on, i made some changes in the same form and merges 2 questions into
1 question.

Now, when i export that same form, i am not able to see any data for that
question which i had merged.

To explain myself better, here is an example:

In Form_1 - i have questions like :

  1. name
  2. age
  3. venue
  4. space
  5. voice and so on

Later on, i had merged Q3- venue and Q4-space into one Q3 “venue and space”.
Now, please let me know, if by any chance am i supposed to get the old data
of 2 question in the new one?

while merging the questions i didn’t created any new question but just
changes the value and Display label names.

Pls suggest.