Data doesn't appear in forms

hi all,
we have cases that were imported from excel to Commcare, when we try to search for some of them in the Commcare application using the forms, we can’t find them, but they appear in the data export and the excel dashboard integration.
note: some of the cases from the same import appear in the forms and some don’t

any help would be appreciated,

Hi Aysha

first thing that pops to mind is something about users/owner_id’s

Maybe reassigning them might help


thanks Mazen,
i have reassigned the cases, still having the same problems, do any have any other idea why is this happening?
note: we have around 7400 entries that appear in the exports, but only 6400 appears in the app

I mean, if some data shows up and some data does not, there must be a difference between them somewhere in a meta field like owner ID, owner name, or any of those funky little columns.

Actually : Clear the user data, then sync on your mobile device. i think that’s a strong possibility.

If that doesn’t work, and you can’t determine which column might be causing this, then maybe you should look at your user records and make sure they match where they need to.

if that doesn’t work, you might want to submit a support request as similar data with similar users using the same app should show you similar results.

1- clear user data on mobile device, sync, try again to see if the cases show up.
2- that doesn’t work: compare meta columns to see if anything stands out between the cases that manage to show up and the ones that don’t (you might have to record a case name/ID on paper then go check your data)
3- if that doesn’t work, download your user records, and compare them between users that get some cases and users that don’t. if you can’t find anything different other than the users’s location/casesharing groups and / or roles, then
4- you need to look at those locations/hierarchy and/or roles and see how they’re different. if THAT doesn’t work
5- send a support ticket with screen shots and an explanation.

Good luck!


thanks Mazz,
the problem was the owner_id, and reassigning the cases solved the problem. all cases appear now after sync

thanks again :slight_smile:

Great news! glad i could be of some help