Customizing commcare links when invitation is sent to web user

(Demisew Abera) #1

HI Dev Team
how can i change the following items when invitation is sent to web user through an email:
commcare logo to echis logo
the name commcare to echis
the link to commcareHQ to echisethiopia

(Clayton Sims) #2

Hi Demis,

You can update this template (in addition to the others in the same module) to adjust the details of the emails that are sent.


(Simon Kelly) #3

To be clear, we don’t have any white labelling set up for those emails at present but you can make a PR.

(Demisew Abera) #4

Great, am able to change text fields and link.

remaining: changing commcarehq logo with echis logo.

i want to change with this image.

I think This change will be over-write, when i do commcarehq redeploy. Right?