Creating mutually exclusive checklists

Does anyone have an idea of how to collect this data (image below) from a paper survey in commcare?

There are two lists of food. First the participants answers spontaneously and second the participant is probed for more answers.

The instructions read:
"In the past 24 hours, what type of drink and food did (NAME) have other than breastmilk?(Note: First, allow participant to respond spontaneously and record any responses in the first column. Then, probe specifically for any drink/food items not mentioned by the participant and then record responses in 2nd column. If “Spontaneous” is recorded as “Yes”, the Probed response should be recorded as 88/Not Applicable.)

I was able to make two lists and allow to only answers for which respondents said “no” to in the spontaneous list to show up on the probed list-- but is there a way to create a hidden value that indicates that if the spontaneous question is “yes” the probed questions will be “not applicable”?"

Hi Margaret,

I think there are a couple of ways to implement this workflow so how to best accomplish things depends on the one you chose and how you are hoping to get the data out afterwards.

When you say you made two lists, what mechanism did you use to do so?