Creating a Forum Category for COVID-19 Response

Hi everyone!

We are creating a new space for people to discuss COVID-19 response generally, and to share resources that they have used in their response.

Dimagi has released a first template application which implement’s the WHO’s contact tracing protocol and is available for roll-out and adaptation.

We encourage people to report what has been working for their teams, what challenges they are having, and where they need support in rolling out tools to support in COVID-19 response.

Thanks for creating this, @Clayton_Sims !

Thanks DiMagi team for the presentation yesterday and sharing the WHO template.

You did mention during the presentation yesterday that CommCare is a good data collection platform for many components of COVID-19 response and care - prevention and education, knowledge/Attitudes/Behavior, triage, quarantine management. Wonder if you plan on releasing any templates for those components that could be shared with the user community?

Hi Jason,

CommCare was used for these tasks successfully during the Ebola outbreak, so we know that the tools are well suited for those user workflows. We have some example applications that can be shared from our experience that you can read about here, including “Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Checklist,” “Ebola Education, Training, and Stigma Reduction,” etc. There are instructions on that page for how to get copies of the apps as examples.

We are still working on adapting COVID-19 specific templates for these approaches to share with the larger community. If there are organizations which have already developed apps for these purposes we encourage them to each out to us so we can set them up to be shared with the community as templates.