Create_attendance Sheet

Hello, I'm Sandra,

Im new on Commcare. I would like to create a simple attendance sheet for student link to a group. I need some help please.

The list of student it changing in a group mean we can have more or less during a period.

We add new group and new subject relate to the group almost every two weeks or moths.

to build the attendance sheet I m lost.
Want to put on it :

  • the date
  • the name of the group (from another form)
  • the subject they teach on that day (from another form)
  • the list of the person present on that day (from the register list i guess)

thank you very much for your help


Hi Sandra,

Have you seen the help site? There are a number of introductory tutorials there which go over the basics. I’d definitely recommend starting there.

  • Ethan