Could lookup table decimal places slow an app?

Hi all,

Just a general question about app performance.
Could the number of decimal places used in a lookup table have the capacity to noticeably slow down an app?
We have about 5 lookup tables each with roughly 200 rows over 5 columns, being used in one form. What I've noticed is that once we dropped down to 1 decimal point from 4 decimals things got quicker in the responsiveness of the device and webapp. It seems self evident but just wanted to check, maybe make a note of it on the lookups help page?


Hi - Thanks for reaching out. That's actually quite surprising to me.

When you say that you dropped down from 4 to 1 decimal, do you mean in the uploaded table, or do you mean in the accuracy of the filtering and processing within the form?

And when you say that the form is quicker and more responsive, I assume you mean both to load (menu click to seeing the form) as well as to respond when individual questions are answered?

Depending on your lookup table structure, it could be the case that 4 decimal points of data are significantly increasing the raw size of the payload itself, but with the overhead of the rest of the form data I'm still surprised to hear that it is so significant.

Howsit Clayton,

Yes we dropped the decimals in the uploaded tables. Ja it was a bit sticky in both the form opening and question progression.

Lookup structure is a fairly generic weight for age, height for age, height for weight, BMI, each calculated from -4SD to +4SD.

I was also surprised about the performance shift. The app is fairly big though, 35 forms with a case load of approx 50k, could that account for some lag within a form though?