Correct case data after data collection

Hi All

I have designed an application that collect data from the caregivers in the community every month. We have a registration form that we have already registered all the caregivers, the task now is to visit them every month.
It happened this month that the data collector selected and completed data for the wrong caregiver and hence I ended up having duplicate records of the same caregivers but in fact the data were collected from different individuals. I am looking for the possibility of cleaning the data by updating the case (caregiver) to the correct caregiver's name so I can have the correct name and case ID.

well yes, but actually...NO

case id's will never be duplicated, but whatever data you collect CAN be unless you build validations for that.

what this means for you is 2 parts:
1 - Case sharing settings need to be so that the mobile worker has the other cases in their databse
2 - You must build something in your form to check if that information is already in the database.

Alternatively, you can replace part 2 with this Minimize Duplicates Method 1: Registration From the Case List - CommCare Public - CommCare Public

as for the cases that are already duplicated, you will need to pick one of the two cases to keep and delete/archive the other one.